Do you have a slot?

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Welcome to Aerobrief FS

A mobile app designed for commercial pilots operating IFR in European airspace

What's my flight status?

Sometimes pilots are the last to know. In the past, you had to rely on others to keep you informed but that information can quickly go out of date. Aerobrief FS streams data directly into your hands so you have the information you need - instantly.

See what the TWR sees

Did ATC issue your ready message? Did it cancel your slot? What's your current TOBT? What was the resulting TSAT? Did your flight plan just suspend? Now you can see what the tower sees. No more guess work.

Stay updated

In rapidly changing conditions, it's easy to lose track of your flight's current status. We've worked hard to reduce the latency between an ATC message being generated and it being available to you.

2.2.35 Release

What's new in 2.2.35?

Extra data fields

More information is now included for each flight, including CDM SID, regulation data and filed flight plan.

Regulation Mapping

Get better insight into your slot delay with the new Regulations Viewer.

Live Auto Updating

All flights continuously update in the background. You always see the latest data.

Push Notifications

Receive alerts for important flight status changes ie. CTOT, TSAT & ATFM messages

TSAT countdown & UTC clock

Easily view your start-up status with TSAT window countdowns and UTC clock for convenience.

Improved UI

Redesigned user interface based on pilot feedback. Better, consistent scaling across more devices.

Version 2.2.35 available now

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